Clinical applications of capillaroscopy in aesthetic medicine

In the last few years aesthetic medicine saw a remarkable development of its surgical and pharmacological treatments. Baldness, naturally occurring physiological skin manifestations of aging, sun induced skin lesions, acne, rosacea, local adiposity, cellulitis, hypermelanosis, telangiectasies and webbed veins are among the main areas of interest of aesthetic medicine.


Cellulitis refers to a mild disorder of the adipose fat pad, mainly affecting the legs and the gluteo-femoral region. This condition is typical of the female sex. Adipocytes cell are normally surrounded by a network of tiny reticular lymphatic vessels. In cellulitis these vessels increase in number and dimension.  this condition causes a derangement of the lobular architechture in the adipose tissue, followed by the enlargement of capillary loops. Videocapillaroscopy is useful in monitoring the microvascular  alterations in the adipose tissue.